Hi, I’m Mary and I run a small beauty care shop and spa. I have a growing number of clients and frequently encountered a large call volume. I hate to have clients wait in dead air while waiting for someone to take their call so I thought about getting our own personalized messages on-hold. And just like what other companies experience when making a business investment, I encountered a few issues here and there. From simple things such as the type of background music to the complicated ones such as who to hire since I was on a limited budget. At the same time, the decision must be based on my goals and how it will represent the services the shop and the spa offered, right?There was also the thought about how hiring a voice actor can be intimidating, especially for someone like me who has never tried it before.

So I talked to a friend who was the manager of a successful health care center and I was referred to Andrew Carlton . He has hired Andrew before to do his company audio guide and he only had good things to say about the artist. He praised Andrew’s professionalism and exceptional talent. He didn’t need to add more, I was convinced. Getting him to do the project sounded like a great idea.

So I went through the process of contacting Andrew and I was not mistaken. The project was completed successfully and the message on-hold came out beautifully that I had to post it on YouTube and share a recommendation for Andrew. His voice quality brought emotion and a sense of warmth to the script. It has this deep, powerful and yet sincere characteristic. He was also very professional, consistent and very involved all throughout the entire procedure. He always had better suggestions but he would bring it up very politely. We made changes a few times, changed the background music 16 times (Hahaha!) and added a few lines and Andrew has been most welcoming and approachable. At the end of it, he has executed the recording very well and came up with an excellent finished product. I let several people listen to the final on-hold message and they only have complements towards to the reader. I didn’t tell them yet who it was but most of them said it could only be done by an experience professional. Just imagine how surprised they were when I finally told them who the voice over artist was.

The experience of working with Andrew made me realize that the voice over actor is simply not someone who reads the script but a powerful means of connection I have with my callers. And Andrew did well in expressing my message and his delivery definitely evoked an emotional response to everyone who listened, in a personal way. He is indeed a great voice talent who brought credibility to the recording and resonated with my callers. Should there be projects where I would need the skills of a voice over artist, Andrew Carlton is the only person in my list.


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